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Debt Consolodation Loan

If you have various debt with multiple lenders and the repayments are getting out of control, it may be time to consider a consolodation loan. You may find that your monthly outgoings exceed your income and a debt consolodation loan could reduce your monthly payment by extending the debt over a longer period or by eliminating high interest rate store cards and credit cards from your total debt.

What is a consolodation loan?

A debt consolodation loan is a way of bringing together multiple debt liabilities into one larger loan. For example to cover money owed on credit cards.

You can't have failed to see debt consolodation loans advertised on the TV and in newspapers and magazines. Personal debt is running at over £5000 per person at present and it is estimated that the UK population is in debt to the tune of three trillion pounds.

Debt consolodation loans may have a variable interest rate and be secured on your home. Individual loans will vary lender to lender