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You may need a business loan in order to set up your business or you might already have an established business and need a business loan to purchase equipment, office space, to fund expansion or purchase other items for your business.

The amount you can borrow, and the lender’s decision as to whether you can borrow at all, will depend upon a number of factors.

If you are a new business, you will probably need to complete a business plan and financial forecasts.

Established UK businesses looking for a business loan, may need to present a few years worth of accounts to illustrate that the business is making enough money to cover the loan repayments.

If you are a sole trader or partnership the your credit history of the individual/partnership applying for the business loan may be taken into consideration. This does not necessarily mean that you won’t get a business loan if you have a poor credit rating/history, but you may find it harder. You may also have to pay a higher rate of interest.